VOD - Upload and Encoding

Amount of videos to upload?

Monthly Uploads

Average length of videos (in minutes)?

Average bitrate of uploaded videos?

This value must be in Kilobit/second

VOD - Flavor Selection

VOD/OVP - Playback Flavors

VOD/OTT - Download Flavors

Flavors with a higher bitrate than your source file are disabled

VOD - Consumption

How many VOD views/plays do you expect per month?

Average percentage viewed for your videos (retention)?


Average viewer consumption bitrate?

This value must be in Kilobits/second

Live - Consumption

Viewers do you expect during a typical event?

Average Live events during a typical month?

Average duration of a Live event (in minutes)?

Live Streaming is Calculated based on 1500 Kilobit/second

Calculation Results

Total VOD Bitrate


VOD Transcoding




VOD Bandwidth

Gigabytes / Month

Live Bandwidth

Gigabytes / Month

Total Bandwidth

Gigabytes / Month

Verify all calculations with your Kaltura Representative